Effortless communication with your customer

Reality Click app
Feature1:Text message with link


Send link to customer via SMS

When service starts, customer gets an SMS with a link. This link points to a custom webpage.

Customer does not need to download any application or to sign in to any webpage. The connection is instant.

Feature2:Status bar


Let customer follow progress

Through the web page, customer can follow the status of the on-going service.

Feature3a:Notification message with link Feature3b:Customer input for a question


Reach your customer when needed

Send pictures and questions to customer during the service.

Customer will get a notification SMS with the same link. The webpage can contain questions and pictures to customer. Customer can answer simply by a push of a button.

This way the customer is able to answer even if she/he is not able to answer a call.

Feature4:Customer feedback


Gather feedback

Include a simple feedback gathering tool to the webpage.

Feature1:Channel for upsells


Market other services through the same channel

The channel can be used for upselling during the service. Give the customer an easy way to browse through your other offerings.


Customized for maintenance service. In this concept the customer is waiting for his/her car to be ready from maintenance.


Customized for a situation where a customer is waiting for an order to arrive to his/her local home supplies store